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Practice Research Network (PRACnet) is a partnership between Medical Outcomes Management and Humana that creates a Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) and supports PCORI demonstration and new studies.  Additionally, PRACnet can develop and collaborate in other selective research for multiple types of organizations. To improve patient care and outcomes through research, PRACnet can use several versions of software to arrive at Common Data Models such as Health Data Link (HDL) and Datavant to accurately and securely protect, scale, link, and exchange health care data among Humana and other databases from other participating organizations.  A data warehouse All data usage will be strictly governed by written agreement based upon templates for data use.

PRACnet’s research team has extensive experience with distributed research networks and through Humana’s partnership has one of the largest Medicare Advantage populations in the United States. This allows for robust samples of older individuals in the United States particularly in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana and other countries with multiple chronic conditions. Through affiliations with other organizations, PRACnet can meet a variety of health information requests to advance Population Health Management.

In today’s dynamic healthcare environment, PRACnet offers opportunities for organizations to participate in and benefit from collaborative research by supplying aggregated and de-identified data across a defined group of individuals that can include specified age, gender, diagnosis, or ethnic origin. Participation can be offered in retrospective and prospective research for a myriad of conditions. Based upon the types of projects, protocols may involve obtaining approval of Institutional Review Boards (IRBs).  Dissemination of any findings from collaborative research may be presented at meetings or published based upon contractual agreements.

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